What's next for Magery

I just wanted to give some quick news about what the next step is in the development of Magery.

The most important thing I'm working on right now is the character sheet. I'm shying away from "playbook" here because, due to the nature of the game and all the class switching, traditional PbtA playbooks won't really work for this game. The character sheet will have some art for skills and borders and the like, so that's taking a bit of time, but progress is good, and I hope to have something within a month.

From there, I'll try to collect playtest data, get some real playtesting done myself, and hopefully tighten up the game and rules before beginning work on a proper layout that wasn't just put together on LibreOffice (think MS Word, but free).


magery_0.5_beta.pdf 349 kB
Oct 23, 2019

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