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This game was created for the Fluffy Game Jam. The guidelines for the jam asked for a solo game that is cute, fluffy, nice, relaxing... so on.

Start Here is one part single-player tabletop RPG, a bit Choose Your Own Adventure, and a heap of adult activity book (though still child-friendly), all mixed together with thorough and unabashed nonsense.

It was designed with a stream of consciousness approach. Rules will come and go, without consistency. The experience is closer to lucid dreaming than traditional RPG games.

The game will ask you to go outdoors, explore and walk around, interact with nature, build blanket forts, imagine seemingly impossible realities, and similar involved activities. Writing and drawing are featured heavily in the game.

This game will take some time to complete. It is best played incrementally. Each section should be played days or even weeks apart from one another. 


Start Here.pdf 19 MB

Install instructions

The game's document is best viewed digitally, with access to the internet. It is recommended that the pages are not set to "continuous" but instead each spread is viewed individually.


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Hi friend, the co-op bundle has been created, now you need to approve your participation in the bundle so that it can be published, thanks for your participation, I remain at your disposal for any questions, greetings!!!


This is a very intriguing game: it starts from its cover and reads almost like a novel or a diary, the story of the creation of a world and its exploration by a voice urging us to follow it, sometimes literally (we are frequently incited to go for a walk while thinking about the game). The author himself admits he doesn't really know where his creation is located, nor even if it will be played or read, but I liked its strange aspect and its quasi stream of consciousness style... And I should mention the file is stuffed with links hidden in its images, most of the time strange and old songs coming to add a layer of charming weirdness to the whole!


This is my very first solo RPG. This game has added so much joy and colors into my life even though I've only played for like a week now. Thank you for sharing this wonderful work with the world!

Glad you're enjoying it!


This game is such a fascinating concept and I really want to try it. I think doing it with a group would be super fun, like a scavenger hunt, thought exercise and RPG all in one. I don't think I know anyone else that would be super into it though. If not I'll try it by myself sometime. I can see you put a lot of thought, stream of consciousness or not, into this and I love how weird and wonderful it is!


Aww, thank you! If you do end up trying it, I hope you enjoy it.